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Introducing Tanya Approved Products

Available at all our locations. Can also be ordered for pickup through our online store at http://www.nutritionbytanyashop.com

Other products (External vendors) approved by Tanya

Aufschnitt Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky Beef Jerky Beef Jerky

Golden Fluff Popcorn

Golden Fluff Kettle Corn light popcorn          Golden Fluff light popcorn

Omega Power Bread

Omega Power Bread

Mehadrin Leben Light & YoBar

          Mehadrin YoBar Vanilla

Confetti Ice Cream

Confetti Ice Cream Vanilla Chocolate - LightVanilla Chocolate - Light           Confetti Ice Ceam Coffee Vanilla - LightCoffee Vanilla - Light

Grab 1 Bars

Grab 1 Bars

Tanya approved restaurants